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Terms & Definitions

  • Automated data processing – This refers to information that is being processed by software as it is used.
  • Website – A website refers to an arrangement of graphics or code that is displayed as an interactive platform for users.
  • Personal data information system –  This is a comprehensive system that allows for the collection, retention, and management of individual data through modern database organisation technology.
  • Anonymization personal data- This process that makes it impossible for users to be identified.
  • Personal data processing – Any activity or process that modifies, enters, changes or otherwise alters an individual’s personal data. This can occur when a system has access to or interacts with personal information.
  • Personal data – Individuals’ unique information that is specific to their identity or profile.
  • User – A person accessing a website.
  • Cookies – This is a small amount of information that is shared between a device and a website. Cookies are stored on the computer of the user and can be used to provide unique experiences and offers across websites.

Data collection

We collect that is relevant to our privacy policies and important for the optimum performance of our website. This information is used to enhance user experience by collecting information about performance and functionality of the website. It also collects information about the relative location of users’ devices, collecting data on the IP address and geographic location of the device. Data collection includes the type and language of the user’s web browser as well as data on screen resolution and screen display data, and the time zone where the user accessed the website. Data collected may also include information about the user’s operating system, as well as additional information such the make and model of their device. The website user’s email address will also be noted by our data collection software.

Purpose of collecting data

Our site collects personal data solely to provide a customized experience for each user. This service considers the user’s preferences and browsing habits when they visit the site. This allows the user to have a more personalized and memorable experience. Site administrators can notify users about products and services that may be of interest to them. Subscribed users may receive an email notification about the addition of services or events on the website. If users do not wish to receive personalized updates via email, they can opt out. Anonymized data is collected through the website to improve the services. This data is used to improve the content and browsing habits of users.

How data is stored and how to ask for removal

To use websites efficiently, users must have the basic cookies enabled. Cookies are essential for website functionality, such as logins and easy user profile access. An automated message will appear upon the launch of a website. You can refuse to accept cookies at this point or this can be done via your browser setting, however you should be aware that blocking cookies can affect the website’s ability function at its peak.

Analytical cookies are standard of cookie that are used to collect useful data about the user’s interaction with the website. These cookies allow the site administrator access to information about the user’s preferences and interactions with the website in order to provide a better experience. These cookies track the pages that the user visits the most frequently or where they spend most of their time. The site administrator may promote these pages to enhance the user’s browsing experience.

Cookies can be disabled completely through browser settings, but this may affect site functionality. It is important to understand the benefits cookies can bring to your user experience before you decide to block them. You can find this information in the help section on a devices web browser

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Last Updated on November 25, 2021