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On this page, you will be able to find the latest information about the best casino bonus 2018. Below you will find our top list of the best UK casino bonuses right now. When you register as a new player at an online casino, you will receive a welcome bonus. This kind of casino bonus is usually the best, and have been so for quite some years. Furthermore, as a player, you can get different variants of VIP-offers and other exclusive offers. As an example, a type of casino bonus may be a deposit bonus when you make a new cash deposit. It is also often that you receive free spins when making a deposit. Want to know which is the best UK casino bonus? You will find the answer right here!

Best Casino Bonus September 2018

If you want to get your hands on the complete list of casino bonuses, then please see go to our review page. Each online casino often has a page dedicated on its website to give you information about the current bonus in play at that moment. In many casinos, you can also go to “Your Page” or similar when you are logged in. From there you can see what type of promotions and different offers you can get.

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Different types of Online Casino Bonuses

Even though many brands apply the same kind of promotional offers for its players, we do see some that really stands out. Sometimes, you might be able to get up to a 500% deposit bonus for example. You can also, and will for most of the time, find lower percentages like; 200% casino bonus or online casino bonuses 300%.

Almost all of which comes with high wagering requirements. Something we always recommend you to read more about at the specific casino. However, there are also bonuses without any requirements at all – as well as no deposit bonuses. We will now go through some of the different ones, so you know what to look for once it is time to get started.

Welcome Bonuses

A welcome bonus is often the most beneficial casino bonus. This means that you as a new player, get a bonus for just becoming a member at the casino in question. A casino welcome offer can look very different depending on which casino you choose to start playing at. One common thing is that you get a number of free spins completely without deposit requirements immediately after registration. You as a player should always maximize this! That said, without having to deposit a single dollar, you have the opportunity to play some of the online casino slot machines for example, and have the chance to win great cash – without the risk. This is an incredibly good option for getting to know what you like (and don’t like) about an online casino in the UK.

No Deposit Bonus

no deposit bonusDepending on in which country you play, more or less often, we see no deposit bonuses for new players. This means that, just by creating an account, you will be able to play and have the possibility to win money. Most common are no deposit free spins. However, some brands really stand out by giving a new player real money to play for. The sweet deal about this is that it gives you the possibility to play at whatever game you want, whilst free spins most often are dedicated to one or a few slot machines.Even though you don’t need to make a deposit, beware of the terms and conditions. Most of the times you need to turn over your winnings a couple of times to be able to withdraw the money.

Free Casino Bonus

So, whilst many bonuses are seen as “free”, not many are. Even the no deposit bonus, mentioned above, isn’t really for free. Of course, you do get some spins or money without any purchase. But to get the many you need to wager your winning before able to withdraw them. That is why the really free casino bonuses don’t is very common. But, sometimes they do exist. What we at Casino Viking consider to be a free casino bonus is when it is without both deposit and wagering requirements. This gives you the possibility to withdraw your winnings straight away (except maybe a minimum withdrawal limit, usually around 10 pounds). It comes without saying, if you encounter a brand with this offer – go for it. No risk at all, and money in your account for sure.

Additional Casino Bonuses

Once you make the first deposit; you usually get a very nice offer –  like doubling or maybe even tripling your deposit. Many casinos also give you additional free spins for you to use on one or many video slots. Some casinos also offer you the opportunity to choose a welcome bonus from a list. You can get many different packages if you want a high bonus on your deposit. Maybe you are more interested in getting plenty of free spins. In order for you as a player to be able to get a customized package that addresses your way of playing at the casino.

In conclusion, we can say that a welcome bonus is one of the most advantageous and great casino bonuses you can enjoy! If you want detailed reviews, in-depth guides and the latest casino bonuses this year. Then head over to, and enjoy the best casino 2018 offers. We have used that site a lot and we always find top recommendations.

Casino Bonus 2019

What stands out with a casino bonus 2019? Just as it has been for the last couple of years, the big competition between different casinos pushes them to offer players even more. Many players are tired of the really high wagering requirements. Therefore, there are more and more casino bonuses 2019 that have less, or none, requirements. Another thing that stands out if we are looking at a UK online casino bonus in 2019 is the variety of those. We are very used to classic deposit bonuses and free spins. Now, they will come in many different shapes. Something that we strongly believe is well-needed to attract players.

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How to get the best casino bonus 2019?

As we often mention, new casinos 2019 are, in general, handing out the most attractive offers. Even though there are new players every year, they need to get their cut of the already existing players. And why change brand if you don’t get anything extra for it? This is why you always should take a good look at what the new brands offer and how to get the most out of it.

More trends we see in UK casinos 2019:

  • A larger variety of slots to choose from for your free spins
  • Deposit bonuses for choosing certain payment options
  • Bitcoin bonus and bonuses for other types of cryptocurrencies
  • Free tournaments with a possibility to win big

Finding the best casino bonus offers in the UK

It’s really hard for people to make up their minds about anything where there are many choices. It’s confusing, and we don’t care much for confusion. Well, this is the exact case with the online casinos. There are hundreds upon hundreds of these casinos that operate online, and new ones are being created even as we speak. So, which casino should you choose? Again – it can be very difficult for you to find the best one among all of the competitors.

Which is why we have decided to create a list of the online casinos that offer the best casino bonus. When you think about it, the online casinos are practically very similar to one another in the sense of the games that you can play and the overall atmosphere. The sole thing that changes consistently from one casino website to another is the “skin”. You will get to see new images and hear new sounds and music. But the core of the experience will be the same.

What else to think about?

Let’s be honest. The promotions a website is offering are a big deal when we choose a place to play at. But, it really isn’t everything. How it looks, the user-friendliness, game selection and payment options are just some of the other important things. However, due to the wide variety of UK casino sites today, you should be able to get it all! So just scroll up this page to see the best casino bonus 2019 in the UK or go to our review page to get a full list of all the casinos.

Using the best online casino bonus offers

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So, the learning period ends here. Now you will have to work up the courage and make some deposits in order to use these “one of a kind” online casino bonus offers. Make sure that you’ll read up on the terms and conditions that are embedded on the casino’s website where you will want to play – because here too you will find important information on how best to use the bonuses in the United Kingdom.

After this it’s all fun and games – you can play with free money whenever you feel like it, up until the moment you use up all of your free money.