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At, we use so called cookies in order to bring the best possible user experience and performance to our visitors of this website. Upon your first visit, when you click to accept our cookie disclaimer, you agree to this cookie policy. We will now briefly explain how we collect and use cookies and why.

cookie policy casinovikingA brief overview

In order to make the best out of your visit here at, we collect non-personal information such as cookies. It is called non-personal information since it can not identify a person. Some examples of this data can be what kind of device you use while browsing our website, which pages you visit and so on. With the use of Google Analytics, we can gather such information which in turn makes it possible to customize our website to reflect what people like the most. Read more about personal data such as IP address in our privacy policy here.

What are cookies?

Basically, a cookie is a small file that saves information during your time on a certain webpage on the internet. The reason that cookies are used in so that the experience of the visit to a website can be improved by remembering certain saved choices for examples. It also makes it possible to customize and improve a website with the use of many users statistical information, based on what they prefer.

We use cookies to improve the user experience by collecting information on for example the type of browser, device, webpages visited and so on. Saving these are optional and you can turn off and/or delete cookie features easily by changing the setting on your browser.

By accepting cookies here at, you accept the collection of information for the purposes mentioned. We will never sell any such information to a third party so do not worry.

What type of cookies are there?

Cookies can basically be divided into these categories:

Session cookies (temporary) are used only while you browse a website. These are needed in order for the website to function in an optimal way. These cookies will be deleted when you close the browser. If you decline these cookies, the website might not function as it should.

Functional cookies (permanent) are used to save settings and preferences and allow you to have a more personalized browsing experience at a website.

Analytical cookies (Google Analytics) saves information about your visit so that this analytical information can be used to make the website better. This is used for internal use only. For example, if we see that most of our visitors browse our website from a mobile phone rather that a desktop computer, it might be a good idea to make the website more user-friendly for mobile use.

Manage cookies

In your browser that you use to visit our website, you can change the settings on how to handle cookies. You can choose to not save cookies at all, you can delete already saved cookies and so on. Be aware that our website might not work the way it is intended to if you disable or reject these.

Updates for this cookie policy

We might change this cookie policy at any time. If you want to see the current policy, make sure to visit this webpage every now and then. The last update of this cookie policy for was in August 2018.

Last Updated on November 25, 2021