Mobile Casino

Mobile casino is a new invention in the world of gambling and if you want to see what they’re all about, you will need but a cellphone and access to the internet. But some of the real life casino loyalists may be a bit worried as to what the gambling experience will be like if you play gambling games online. So, we’re here to offer to you knowledge on what it’s like to play some of the gambling games in mobile casinos.

A case study – Mobile Casino 2018

mobile casinoThe online mobile casino games market is cornered pretty niftily by two major suppliers of software, the first one is Microgaming, and the second one is Playtech. Of these two, Microgaming is a much more powerful game design company. Such its services are used by most online casinos that offer a mobile version of their website. But you can still find some online casinos that utilize the services of Playtech as this too is a powerful game design company.

So, what are the games like? We’ll take two games for example – video poker and black jack. These you can play in most of these mobile casino. We’re doing this because most games are designed by Microgaming or Playtech. This means that the games are pretty much alike wherever you play them, except for the “skins” that they use. Some games may be “space themed”, some games may be “candy themed”. But the underlying structure of most games is the same no matter where you play them online.

More games to play mobile

So, can you indeed enjoy playing the mobile versions of video poker and blackjack? The answer is a resounding yes in most cases. Video poker is alive and well in mobile gambling. Of course, the aforementioned real world gambling loyalists would say that video poker doesn’t have the same “realness” of experience when you compare it to real life poker. And they are right – the entire mobile experience is a bit dumbed down when it comes to the real deal. But if you’re on the go and you need to travel somewhere, on a bus or train or boat, if you have access to the internet then you could play a game or two of video poker, and you will have some fun while doing so.

And Black Jack is a classical casino game that you can play on the mobile versions as well. The game of skill will be present here, as well as the fact that the casino typically has a very low edge over the player in this game. So, it means that you can try out your Black Jack strategies even on your mobile phone, and perhaps you can even hope to win big money!

Depositing money in mobile casino

It’s a very easy thing to deposit money in mobile casinos, especially when it comes to the bigger competitors on the market. All you’ll need is a credit card and you’re all set. So, enjoy playing games in the mobile casinos online!