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Welcome to Casino Viking, the only casino guide you will ever need. If you want to learn a lot about online casino and at the same time have fun – this is the place to be. At this website, we will compare and list the most reliable and noteworthy online casinos and give you recommendations on where to play. Just remember to Always Gamble Responsibly. 18+ Apply. Below you will find the best casinos right now, according to us.

Best Casinos Right Now – November 2018

What are the best online casinos?

So, what are the best online casinos? You can find our favourite casinos in the lists at the top of this page. However, it is always up to each and every person to chose their own best casino. Every player has their unique tastes and preferences in game types, casino theme, bonuses and much more. The easiest way to find the best online casinos is, therefore, to explore a few top rated casinos and see which ones you like the most.

What are the advantages of playing online casino?

Some of the main advantages of online casinos are the following:

  • They offer casino bonuses (remember, always read the T&C)
  • They are open 24/7
  • They can be accessed from almost everywhere
  • They have multiple payment options
  • They offer loyalty and reward programs
  • The game options are massive

There are constantly launching new online casinos on a regular basis, and our work here at Casino Viking is mainly to sort out those who are reliable and, according to us “a serious operator”. One advantage of new casinos is that these companies are desperate for new players, and usually, offer rather generous casino bonuses that obviously will be used by us players. Another big advantage is that the fewer customers a casino have, the more attention these players get. For an online casino with thousands of players, it can be difficult to get in touch with, for example, the customer service when a lot of people are playing the same time as you. So if you play on serious and well-built new casino sites with solid games and offers, you will most likely have a great time there.

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If you can not find a casino on the list above that suits you, is one of the best places to look for an online casino according to us. With more than 200 online casino reviews there will hopefully always be something that excites you.

Where do I find the best casino bonus?

An easy way to find the best casino bonus is to look at the CasinoViking top list of casinos, seen above. We do not state the exact bonuses in these lists since these vary from time to time and always have terms and conditions to consider. But we do list our hand-picked overall favourite casinos. In these picks we include our thoughts on how solid the bonuses generally are. So to find some of the best casino bonuses, just check the top list of casinos above.

More about our top lists

We are constantly looking for new and exciting promotions, campaigns and bonuses that we sometimes write about. Of course, many players are looking for the best bonuses and to find out information on bonuses in general. In the featured section at the top of this page, we have listed some of our favourite casinos right now. If you want to get a full list of all the casinos that we have reviewed, please go here. We only list the brands that have the best deals in addition to meet our requirements of being a secure and fun online casino. We do not list any specific bonuses for the casinos here at Casino Viking, so go to each specific casino in order to see what bonuses they have to offer. Remember to always read any terms and conditions for every bonus and each casino as well. You need to be 18+ years old to play casino and it is very important to understand the terms and conditions for the bonus offers you take part of.

Are you mostly interested in new casinos?

We also like to look for casino bonus offers on new casino sites in 2019. You as a player may be looking for something fresh on the market, and want to try out an online casino that offers great bonuses or spins for new players. New UK casino sites usually have really solid deals for new players and often fun casino games that you probably don’t want to miss. When you visit us at, you can be sure that the casinos we list are reviewed in the best of ways. We only list the casinos that we consider the best and that deserve to be in our hand-picked list. Finding a serious site that also offers something extra will make the experience of playing casino more fun.

Games in the online casinos

There are a lot of different types of games. To have a good selection of games to play makes the gaming experience more fun.  The wide range of games is also a contributing reason for choosing a top rated casino. That is because many times the best online casinos have the latest games from the most popular game developers. Games such as video slots, poker, black jack, roulette, live games, baccarat and more are available at most serious gambling sites today.

Play Mobile

Almost all online casinos that have been around for a while have a mobile casino to offer their players. The mobile casino can be played from mobile devices that for example have iOS and Android as their operating systems. Mobile casinos are able to offer their players to play with ease during the whole day, regardless of where the player is positioned. Mobile casinos also work with tablets and other mobile devices that are not known as a smartphone. An interesting fact is that as of today, there are actually more players that play on their phones than on their desktop computers.

Today, these mobile casinos are built in almost any new online casinos that are released. That way, the screen layout will automatically adjust to your screen. It does not matter if you play on a small smartphone or a big projector screen – both will most likely work fine. The only bottleneck here is the slots and games themselves. Especially older games are not built for mobile use and hence cannot be played this way. However, most newer slots and other games work just great no matter what device you play on.

How to discover solid bonuses

Most casinos give you the change to take part of a bonus, both when you register as a newly registered player (18+) at the casino, but also if you are a loyal and recurring player. You sometimes even get a few spins right after you have registered, without any deposit requirements. This means that you can try to play at a featured slot machine while experiencing how the casino environment is. Once you make your first deposit you often get 100% or more in bonus on your first deposit. This means that if you deposit 100 you have 200 to play with. Additionally, you often get some additional bonus spins when depositing so you have the opportunity to extend the gameplay for a while.

Always understand the terms and conditions

It is very important to read any terms of use of the casino as well as any terms and conditions for the bonus you want to use. These are found at each casino for you to read. There are wagering requirements and other things to consider for every type of offer, campaign or bonus. Play responsibly and understand the rules and terms before you start to play. 18+ apply in order to play casino online.

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Online slots are the simplest version of slot games

If you really wish to start from the ground up, then you can try some online casino slot games. They are available in many online casinos – just pick one website and you’re good to go. Most often, they can be played in “demo mode” so that you do not need to bet with any real money before you try them out. If you want to learn more about this type of casino games, please got to our Slot page. There we write reviews for new slot games that might be interesting to check out. These come from many developers such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Betsoft and more.

Slots are indeed the most popular type of gambling game today, but it is also a game of luck. Players that love skill games such as poker might not be as interested in slots. But luckily for all lovers of other games than slots, we have guides and articles on these other casino games as well. These games include baccarat, poker, roulette and live casino to name a few. The latter one is something that has seen increasing popularity in recent years.

Online Gambling in the UK

A lot of people living in the United Kingdom like to gamble at online casinos. Due to this, we mostly focus on UK licensed online casinos. You have surely run into websites that don’t allow British players, due to lack of licences. This is very annoying and time-consuming for the players, why we like to make it easier for you. The absolute majority of the brands we review are, therefore, licenced in the United Kingdom. Right now, you can see our featured UK casinos on top of this page. A great possibility for you to try out some of the latest brands that have entered the UK online gambling market. Remember to always check out the terms and conditions at the casino before you play. Play Responsibly. 18+ apply.

Play online casino, but just for the fun of it

Finally, we wish you happy playing at the online casinos that you may find interesting. There are lots of online casino out there and lots of great games such as slots, poker games, blackjacks, roulette and live games. We certainly hope that you will find a useful source for you, looking for the best and most fun brands in the UK right now. Remember to always play with caution and only for the fun of it. Never play with the goal just to win. If you think that you have problems with gambling at online casino, please visit websites like to learn more. Finally, we hope you found this guiding web page interesting and useful. Thanks for visiting us at!