Free Spins no deposit 2019 in the UK

Spins, free spins, bonus spins, extra spins – the names are many in 2019. These spins are for many players a fun way to try new casinos with. On this page, we’ll give guide you and give you the tips & tricks covering free spins no deposit 2019 in the UK. It doesn´t matter if you are looking for a 2019 free spins no deposit or with a deposit, we try to explain all about them. Just remember to always read any terms and conditions before using these offers. Play Responsibly, 18+ Apply as always. Now, continue reading or pick free spins in the UK below to start exploring.

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Once again, welcome to this page about where we guide players to information about free spins no deposit in the UK 2019. This type of bonus offer has unfortunately been on the downhill since the UK Gambling Commission introduced a regulation against the name. Some casinos still offer free spins while others have stopped or called them by different terminology, such as extra- bonus- or just spins. Below you will get useful information about what these are, the different types of them and much more.

What are free spins?

Free spins are basically a type of casino bonus. A single free spin means that you get to spin once on a slot for free. The bet is almost always the lowest possible. Even so, you get to keep your winnings, that, of course, needs to be wagered and fulfilled in other terms stated on each casino site. When you receive free spins via an online casino, they usually tend to be tied to a specific slot – usually to one that’s very popular at the moment or was recently released. The most popular slot to get your spins on is Starburst and similar games. Sometimes you get a handful of spins and sometimes you can get hundreds and even thousands of them. The latter is most commonly included as part of a bigger deposit bonus.

Get the latest information about Free Spins

CasinoViking is updated weekly (sometimes daily), and we’re working every day trying to give you the best info about the newest free spins in the UK for 2019. Make sure to visit our site on a regular basis, to keep yourself up to date with all the latest free spins no deposit bonuses. On The Viking Blog we constantly write about current promotions, deals and offers.

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It is not always easy to understand the difference between the types of spins that are out there. CasinoViking is trying to make this a bit more clear by providing a dictionary of the most common terms.

  • Free spins – The most popular terms and has been used for almost 10 years. Name recently prohibited to use in the UK since the spins are not considered 100% free – terms and conditions always apply.
  • Extra spins – One of the new terms that have been introduced after the UK Gambling Commission put the restriction on the use of the term free spins.
  • Bonus spins – Another new term just as Extra Spins that is getting increasingly popular to use among casino operators.
  • Free rounds – Not a very popular term but just as the three terms about it means that you get to spin the wheel for free.
  • No deposit bonus – This term is very popular since it means that you get a casino bonus without having to deposit any money. It is often associated with spins but can, of course, be cash as well.

Free Spins on multiple deposits – Three-Piece Rocket

To get the maximum amount of spins, you may need more than one deposit and a “three-piece rocket” is not unusual. A three-piece rocket can, for example, means that you’ll immediately get 20 spins at one slot after your registration. In the next step, you may need to make a deposit of like €10 to get 20 Free Spins extra. In the last step, you can choose if you want to make another deposit and then get for example 200 free spins.

This is just an example of how it can look, and this most often differs from casino to casino. You can, of course, choose to abstain from these rockets at any time, and instead play as usual. However, it is almost always more favourable to do this. We recommend using these offers, especially if the bonus terms and conditions are in your favour. With low wagering requirement will you be able to maximize the fun. Read the terms and conditions to find out things like maximum winnings, wagering requirement and such things.

Free Spins 2019

free spins 20192019 is the best year to start playing casino online. We at have been in the business for many years and has seen bonus offers and casinos come and go. In the UK with the UKGC (Gambling Commission) the landscape is much more favourable for the players. The deals might not be as generous as before but it is safer to play and in the end also more fun. No matter which UK-licensed casino, you will tend to be treated with respect and integrity.

Slots VS other games

There are many new but mostly improved casino games that you can play – the Roulette, Baccarat, Black Jack, Poker, and many others have reached a new level. But if we were to single out one game that continues to maintain high popularity ever since the first day it was conceived, it would have to be the slot machine games.

These devices have had somewhat of tumultuous history – as they have been banned at times by conservative governments in certain countries, and nowadays they are reinstated in most places as a perfectly legal method of gambling for people. Today it is, therefore, better and easier than ever to find free spins 2019 or whatever terminology your casino of choice are using today.

CasinoViking Expert Tips

We personally love to get the hold on some free spins no deposit UK whenever we have the chance. If you wait there is a risk that the campaign will end and you will not be able to claim your offer any longer. This is, of course, applicable to all kinds of campaigns such as weekly promotions, welcome packages and much more. Remember that there are many different words for the same bonus type so keep the terminology that we described above in your head.

As experts, we also like to encourage you to think above the following before making your move.

Tips to consider

  • Check the details of what kind of free spins, extra spins or bonus spins that you are getting. Some casinos are not being 100% clear in their communication.
  • The wagering requirement and conditions are extremely important if you like to be able to withdrawal your winnings. An ok wagering requirement is anything from 0-50x. The lower this number is the better it is for you.
  • Check the full terms and conditions such as maximum winnings with your spins so that you do not get disappointed if you can’t use all your winnings.
  • Participate in Loyalty and VIP-programs – These programs may not look that good but you will get considerable more offers by being part of these programs. They do not cost anything so why not?
  • Don´t be stupid – Sometimes a bonus may look tempting at a particular casino but it is almost always better to go with the more reputable casinos. They work like a charm with fast infrastructure, great security and a strong financial position.

Spins on Slots and Progressive Slots

Today there are more game developers than ever before. A few years back you could count the important ones on one hand but today there are so many options. The “fruit” theme slots that once was so popular (because of the fact that at one time the slots were banned, and you couldn’t play slot machines for the money. Instead, you could hope to win fruit candy – and this is where this famous design quirk originates.) is now the past. The new slots often have a movie or music theme or something else that makes them unique.

In 2019 the new releases are more than ever before. After claiming your free spins and you now have the chance to play at whatever slot machine there are a few options. Either go with the more regular slots with a high return to the player. Maybe try a slot from NetEnt, Betsoft or Microgaming that create graphical sensations when it comes to new games. The other option is to try to win big. With a progressive jackpot your chance of winning is lower but when you win, you win big!

free spins no deposit 2019 ukGuide to Free spins no deposit 2019

We’d like to introduce to you the notorious free spins with no deposit required in 2019. A few casinos feature this offer in one variation or another, and if you’re a gambler at heart, then you’re most certainly aware of this offer and of the fact that you can use it to have fun times at the slot machines. If you play slots online, then you will be delighted to know that there are online casinos that will give you a free spin for opening an account with them. If you see this offer, we recommend that you grab it. Most likely, it will soon be exchanged for a less generous offer.

CasinoViking finals words on Free Spins

As we’ve mentioned, there are many different terminologies for the same thing. The best way to find a free spins 2019 bonus is the check out the top list above. So, visit any casino’s website in the list in order to see for yourself whether there currently are any offers. Hopefully, a free spins no deposit 2019 bonus that you could use to have some fun at the slots. We hope that you will have fun with this and thanks for reading this free spins UK guide. Play safe!

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