No Account Casino Sites

When playing at a casino it has been mandatory to register and create an account. Now, this is slowly changing due to the no account casino sites that are popping up. Unfortunately, these type of casinos are not yet available for all markets but as soon as they are we will keep you updated with the latest information about the matter.

How does No Account Casinos work?

So, you might wonder how it works to play casino without an account. It is thanks to a service called Trustly which automatically verifies you via your bank and you can make near instant deposits and withdrawals. All you need is to have a bank account at a bank and in a country that Trustly support for a casino. As of today, we have seen Scandinavian banks and German bank but the list of supported banks will probably increase at a fast pace.

no account casino sites

Is this the future of casino?

This is a question that many in the business ask themselves today. Some people argue that registration with Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts is the future. The thing with the social media platforms is that they are still too easy to manipulate so the security is not enough. With Trustly you need to identify yourself with a Bank-ID which is as secure as it can get. By using the Bank-ID to make instant deposits and withdrawals from your bank account the casino does not need to do additionals checks such as ID and utility bills to make sure that you are really you. The question many asks if this will be acceptable from a legal perspective. Not that it is not safe but it might be a little bit too easy to lose money. It should still be possible to set limits and deny yourself from playing more so it should not affect but you never know. We think that no account casino sites have a big chance of becoming the next big thing in a casino. Of new casinos 2018 we have already seen more than five no account casinos and there are coming up more in a fast pace.