Music Stars that frequent Casinos

music stars casinos

Gambling and music have always had an intimate relationship. You will find out that there is world-class music on many casino floors around the world. To that end, it’s not a surprise that there are many popular musicians that also frequent the casinos. So in this short post, we have some fun facts. You will find out some of the most popular musicians that gamble or have gambled in casinos.

  • Diddy

Sean Combs, also known as P. Diddy, is one of the biggest music stars in the world. Moreover, he’s a consummate businessman as well. He dabs into many different fields of business and he’s successful at it, too. But not many people know that he’s also a Blackjack professional. You can see him playing the game in some of the top casinos in the US. He even rapped at various music events in some of the top casinos.

  • Nelly

Following the line of rap music – popular rapper Nelly is a consummate poker player. You can see him too in some of the Texas Hold ‘Em tables around the States. He’s known for playing in the World Series of Poker event for 2007.

  • Frank Sinatra

If you know anything about music, then you’ve definitely heard of Frank Sinatra’s name. His larger than life persona quickly found its way in the world of gambling. His “mobster-like” image and the genuine sophistication of his character made him a natural to perform in casinos. His music is widely listened to in many of the top casinos in the world today. Moreover, he too was known for placing big bets on some of his favorite gambling games in various casinos.

In conclusion

To that end, you should realize that entertainment and gambling are not that different. We expect to see many of the top names in music to start frequenting the casinos around the world. Read more news here at our Viking Blog. Thanks for reading!

Last Updated on August 26, 2021