Top reasons to check out Microgaming & NetEnt slots

top reasons to try netent microgaming

If you’re a fan of online slots – then two company names are likely to ring in your head. These are NetEnt and Microgaming – two of the biggest names in the field. So, what’s the deal behind their success? Did they just get lucky? We don’t think so. Below you will get to read about some of the most important reasons why their slots are so popular.

Reasons for NetEnt’s success

The biggest reason why NetEnt’s slots are so popular is the visual appeal. If you see some of their games, you may be surprised at just how good they look. Many players are used to regular slot games that don’t feature any exciting visuals. Well, NetEnt’s games are truly visual masterpieces. They have top-level animations that are on par with those made by some of Hollywood’s biggest animation studios. Moreover, NetEnt’s games are very fun to play. They have unique characters and features that will make things very fun for the player.

Reasons for Microgaming’s success

Microgaming is one of the oldest names in iGaming. In fact, it’s often said that they have made the first piece of online gambling software in history. This happened full 20 years ago. And today they enjoy their popularity as a leading name in iGaming. What they are popular for are, for the most part, their progressive slots. The Microgaming progressive slots are responsible for some of the biggest payouts in history. One of their progressive jackpot games that we suggest you check out is Mega Moolah. One jackpot that this game has paid out was to the tune of €17,879,645.

top reasons microgaming netent

In conclusion

Long gone are the days when slot games were all about the “spin and hope” formula. Nowadays they have great visuals and exciting new features. It’s not rare for them to have coherent storylines and compelling characters, too. And these things will help the newest slots standout in a huge field of competitors.

Last Updated on August 26, 2021