The nature of the Scatter Symbols

There are all different kinds of symbols in the online slot games such as Wild Symbols, Scatters, Bonus Symbols and more. And they all have their own main features that you can fall back on. Some symbols serve as a replacement for other symbols. Some symbols are of high value. Others are of lower value. But if there is one group of symbols that can be considered special – it’s the scatters. The scatters are available in many different slot games and they are very popular. You can read more about them below.

The features of the Scatters

Now, first things first – you will need to find a game that features this symbol. Luckily, this isn’t at all a difficult thing to do. There are hundreds of slot games that feature these symbols. Now, the main feature that they are known for is the bonus. If you collect a certain amount of scatter symbols – you will usually access a bonus. And the bonus can take many different forms.

about the scatter symbols in slots

For one, you may get some nice payouts. These high payouts will typically depend on the number of scatters that you will get. And typically, you will need to get 3 and more bonus symbols in order to get high payouts.

Now, the choice of most slot developers is to use the scatter symbols for free spins. It’s easy to see why this is the case. The free spins are one of the most popular features in online slots. So, typically, if you get three scatters, you will get around 10 free spins – sometimes more, sometimes less. And usually, the more scatter symbols you get, the more free spins you will get in return. There are known cases when there are 50 and more free spins to feast on.

There will also be a bonus game that you can look forward to in some games. NetEnt is particularly known for adding this feature. It’s a very welcome addition to the main game. It makes things a lot more exciting. Now, these bonus games are typically very simple. You won’t have to boggle your mind in order to play them. And they offer some nice prices for you to savour.

Scatter Symbols – Final thoughts

Now, that pretty much sums up what the nature of the scatter symbols really is. And by now you ought to be aware of why these symbols are so popular in slots. We hope that you will get lucky with the scatters in online slots.

Last Updated on August 26, 2021