Hall of the Mountain King by Quickspin – Review

Online slot games come and go. There are hundreds of them, if not thousands. And most of them are similar to one another. But every once in a while there comes out a unique slot game. One such game is Hall of the Mountain King. It’s a slot game developed by the company Quickspin. They are the company behind for example the Big Bad Wolf slot. And this new slot has a wide scope. You can learn all about it in our review below.

Theme of Hall of Mountain King Slot

hall of the mountain king slotWe believe that one of the strongest points of this game lies in its theme. If you know your classical music, then you have definitely heard of In the Hall of the Mountain King. It’s a classic piece and almost everyone has heard it. Regardless, there are a lot of influences from World of Warcraft and even from Lord of the Rings. In this sense, we can hardly say that the theme of this slot is unique. However, it does have its own bits of originality. The whole is bigger than the sum of its parts.

And we can’t really go over the quality of the soundtrack. It’s quite atmospheric, and it adds a lot to the atmosphere of the game. The visuals are all beautiful – outstanding even. And the animations are sleek and cool. The symbols are of mountain trolls. And they are fun to look at – they have a zany design and look. If you get to play the bonus of the game, then the theme will change its look. It will become darker. You will literally be in the hall of the mountain king for this bit.

hall of the mountain king slotSo, what about the Gameplay?

The features of the game are pretty simple – on the face of it, at least. There are 5 reels and 3 rows – and 20 pay lines. But the things get interesting with the wilds. The more wilds you get in view – the bigger the rewards you’ll get. The win multiplier will rise for each and every consecutive wild that you get in view. It can go up to x5. The math is simple – get 5 wilds and you get an x5 multiplier. Get 3 wilds in a single spin and you get an x3 multiplier.

Also, the centerpiece of the Hall of the Mountain King slot is the bonus game. This is not a simple bonus game, mind you. You will be able to play three different levels here. And the rewards get bigger with each succeeding level that you reach. There are the whirling wilds that you can collect on the bonus game. You can get up to 6 of them. So, the winning potential that this game has is very big. Enjoy your gameplay and get more casino bonuses here!

The Quickspin slot in conclusion

Hall of the Mountain King by Quickspin is definitely a slot that you would want to try out. It’s not just any slot. If you’re cognizant of the world of online slots and gambling – you know that most slots are exactly alike. But the Hall of the Mountain King slot is very unique and fun to play. Enjoy playing it!

Last Updated on November 25, 2021