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Paf Casino | New Casino Review

The Casino Viking did a test on the new online casino from Aland, Paf Casino. This is a unique brand that also is quite common on ferries in the Baltic Ocean. You are, in other words, able to play on Paf as a physical casino as well. This brand is quite big in Scandinavia and in Baltic countries and has just started up a Latvian version on their website, which you can read more about at However, the Viking started this test by signing up for a new account. This is something that this casino has made as easy as possible. Even for the Viking, it was no trouble finding the green sign up button in the top right corner and continue from there. After the sign up is done, he started to check out the website for real!

The Viking’s words on the Paf Bonus

paf casinoThe two best things about the casino bonuses at Paf – They are easy to find and there are plenty of them. Once you are logged in, on the main page they are all lined up. The best, and most recent, bonuses are in the top banner. Just sit down and see the different promotional offers come to you. If you don’t want to wait, you can just click the white small little button on the bottom of the banner. Below this, you have all of the Paf promotions you are able to choose from right now.

The Viking thought loved some of the free spins offer that Paf casino offered him. He also thought that the wide variety of promotions gave him a great way to choose a bonus that was fitting right now. But, what is quite weird about the Paf bonuses, are that it is quite impossible to find the welcome bonus. Why is that, the Viking questioned himself? He looked all over the website and can’t seem to find it. So, if you are looking for a big deposit bonus as a new player, maybe you should keep on looking. But there is plenty of other fun stuff that probably will appeal to you!

His thoughts about the games at Paf Casino

Our Viking really likes his slot games. And while this is a focus of reviewing this, he will at the same time have a look at the whole game range. By clicking on the menu button in the top left corner, he got all to see all the different kind of games this brand has to offer its players. He found lotteries, video poker, table games, a live casino and all the other games that you expect to be at an online casino. Choosing one of the categories, the Viking chose slot games, you get to see all the titles lined up for you.

There are plenty of games, no doubt about it. However, there is no really good way to filter and sort out the different games. You just gonna have to scroll to one of your favorite games or search after a specific title. This really is not something that the Viking liked since he is quite used to being able to sort games by different game developers and such. We agree with the guy and think hope that Paf casino will figure this out. Except for this, the casino recently changed platform and the website looks really, really good.

An extra feature on Paf – Betting!

Sure, this is not a unique casino feature since many do offer sports betting of different kinds. But if you are into this, just like our Viking is, you clearly want to choose a casino online that also has a sports book. If it comes down to this, Paf is a great choice and you can bet on several different sports and tournaments. All in all, the Viking seems pretty satisfied with Paf Casino even though it lacks a big welcome offer and a nice way to filter the different slot titles. He also says that it is a great choice to check out the live casino, plenty of different games from NetEnt Live among others. Depending on if this is something you think you like, do as the Viking and sign up for an account at Paf Casino today!

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Last Updated on December 14, 2021