Most Annoying Casino Sentences

Most people go to casinos not mainly because of the fact that they hope to win lots of money. It’s for the fact that they are likely to have fun there. Gambling is very exciting and the atmosphere in most casinos is very pleasant. That being said, there are some things that gamblers say that may irk you. Below you will find the most frequent examples of this. To read more curiosa and articles on gambling, visit the Viking Blog.

Top Most Annoying Casino Sentences spoken by gamblers

Ok, here we go – here are our top three most annoying casino sentences spoken by gamblers.

Yey, free drinks on the house!

annoying casino scentenses

Many of the world’s casinos offer free drinks for the players. This, of course, means alcoholic drinks for the most part. Gamblers need to relax a bit and they order three glasses of Bourbon whiskey. And these are all on the house. But there is a somewhat sinister motive behind this. The casinos don’t do it for charity. They know that the more you drink, the more your brain will relax. And the more likely you are to lose all your money in gambling without even thinking about it. So, the drinks aren’t on the house.

Hey buddy, you got some money? I’ll pay you back one of these days.

If you’re in a casino then one of the worst things that you could do is ask someone for some money. Everybody knows that you’re spent and that you can’t control your gambling urge. So, what makes you think that someone will lend you money? To say the least, this is very annoying for most people that go to casinos to relax a bit.

Yeah I know that game, it’s rigged.

If a random person chimes in and tells you that a game is rigged – take this with a huge grain of salt. Sure, the concern that some casino games are rigged is always there. But the legit casinos have their games frequently tested by independent testing agencies. And if a random person says that – then chances are that they are just bitter and have come to waste your time. It’s also highly annoying.

These are some of the topmost irritating things that casino goers tend to say. And we think that this is not likely to change. So, we hope that you will be able to find a degree of enjoyment in them. And at least – don’t bother other people by saying these things.

Last Updated on August 26, 2021